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Monday, February 16, 2015

Lantau Peak

On Friday, February 6th Joseph and I went to Andi's in Lantau and stayed the night. The next morning we took a hike up to the peak and came back down the other side for lunch.

Over the next couple weeks I mostly worked but I did meet up with friends a couple of times and even some of my students one evening. A bunch of our mainland students wanted to get hot pot with me and Joe so we went to a hot pot buffet place where you can just grab as much stuff as you want!

A week later I went swimming with Chu Sum and met some of his funny friends, and the next night we went to the Lunar Market - a Chinese New Year venue.

We ate a lot of interesting traditional stuff, including the stinky 1000 year old fried tofu! After that, it was time for me to hit the sack - just a few hours away from my holiday in Malaysia!

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