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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Dragon's Back

On Saturday, the 25th of April, Erych and I hiked the Dragon's Back on Hong Kong Island. It had been a few weeks of working and the exercise and fresh air were needed. Located on the East side of Hong Kong Island, the Dragon's Back is recognized as one of the best hikes in Asia (or at least one of the best near a major city). The coastal views and characteristic rolling ridge create a unique and dynamic hiking environment - a worthwhile hike.

About a week later, we had another opportunity for some outdoors fun in Tai Mei Tuk. After a massive BBQ and ice cream, we hired some bicycles and went for a ride. Of course, while the Dragon's Back had admittedly a few people on the track, Tai Me Tuk was about as busy as you would expect a place in Hong Kong to be - packed. From the start we had to fight traffic just to find enough space to actually mount the bikes!