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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Construction Begins


Today I caught two possums then James and I worked on the hut. Back at the farm we had a big dinner and Aaron came to camp and trap with me. After setting a couple traps we played some soccer and I had a cold late night shower.


Today we caught one possum and I cut off the hind legs for Aaron and explained how to prepare them. Next I rode into town for the church meeting and later the Macdonald's visited me at my camp.


Today I caught one possum and worked on the hut with James.


Today I caught another possum and returned the bike to Mike. We watched some cricket and then I packed and went to the Macdonalds'.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Back on the Farm


Today I went to Wellington for a pest control meeting but was a day early so I headed to the farm where spent the night in a wet tent during a rain storm next to a river that could overflow and take me with it at any time.


Yesterday I tossed a couple possums that James had shot while I was gone and today I set the traps again then did some washing in a river that occasionally flows sewage... Next I took a cold shower in the high winds that flow through the valley then tried doing some carving but ended up cutting my thumb wide open and using a slice of bread to stop the bleeding.


Today I caught three possums, two small and one juvenile. While I was heading up to the upper traps I saw James coming out and a hunter landed his helicopter in opening between us. We ended up talking to hunters all day and later I sorted out my traps. One I wanted across the river from my camp so I made a bridge of stepping stones and blazed a trail along the river bank. Back at camp I made a chair and table from sticks and stones.


Today I didn't catch any possums, just had two that got away. I went with James to survey his property and while we were there Mike texted me about returning the bike. With this in mind I started thinking through whether to go to Christchurch to labour or back to Cairns to ride bikes but then James suggested we just build a hut on his property for me to stay in. At 20 minutes walk from the CBD and an awesome view - it was a no-brainer. Later I went to the library and applied for security work.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Karosene Creek

Today we stayed for the meeting at Doug's then left for Karosene Creek. After a quick swim in the spas we stopped again at a hidden and forgotten gem called Bruce Park Scenic Reserve on the way to Bulls.

From there I drove us the rest of the way back to Lower Hutt, Wellington.

Saturday, March 16, 2013


Today Peter finished buying the Prius and we drove to the Hamilton Training Centre to see Neil and the other trainees. Next we went to Cambridge to meet the Browns then over to Rotorua where we had Indian takeaway and stayed with Doug.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Back to Auckland

Today I flew to Auckland with Peter and he haggled for a Prius. Later we bought some burgers from BK and somehow ended up getting one free! Next we drove to Whangerei to stay with Peter's brother for the night.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Wesley's Farm

After the meeting today I hiked into Belmont Regional Park.

I walked down to a dam and back noting many DOC traps which would prevent my success there.

Later, Peter took me to see Wesley's Farm and we went up into the hills where we looked out over all of Makara.
Yesterday I spent the day in Petone riding around and using the library. Today I went to Warehouse to buy a self-inflating mattress but they were out of stock. On the way back to the farm a truck randomly tried backing into traffic causing me to back into a car. I slightly scraped the car and, after checking the damage, the owner concluded that his car wasn't valuable enough to warrant further action. At Wesley's Farm (Kinnoull Station) the tenant James, who I had met the other day, loaned me a self-inflating mattress and went with me to set traps. 
After setting five traps we went in to work on a design for the house he is planning to build on his section just outside Wellington CBD. He pulled out his plans and I put it all together on Google Sketchup. That night I caught two possums - a large and a juvenile, one escaped. 


Yesterday I set five more traps and today I caught one juvenile possum... four escaped. Later James and I went to check out his property. 
After that I rode to the Macdonalds' and we went to the meeting.

Saturday, March 9, 2013



Today I caught another rat and still no possums. After a trip to the library I returned to move some traps and make more improvements. Though, I wasn't about to get my hopes up considering my last couple nights so I made plans to leave the next day.


Today I caught yet another rat and no possums. I forgot to zip lock my soap so that was eaten again by a possum. After packing up I headed over to Eastbourne Domain Recreation Preserve and hiked in with a new Canadian friend but found only stagnant water. On my way out I called Hudson from the church and he invited me to stay over for the night in order to attend the Wellington meeting in the morning.

On the way over I stopped in Petone (Pe-tone-ey) for the special spring water that they have there and then finished riding over to Wellington.


Today I went to the meeting and met a fellow American who is keen to join me doing some possum trapping.


Today I met with the trainees (ones studying in order to be constituted with the Truth) downstairs and we went out to talk to with uni students. Afterward we headed for Neil's house where Neil and I walked barefoot through the bush and down a stream until we arrived at a waterfall. Then we climbed a ridge through Bush Lawyer and finally followed the road back.


Today we all went to Victoria University to invite students into the VU Christian Club. Later on we had tea at Stevens and I went with Neil to set some traps near his place.


We spent yesterday and today at VU (Victoria University) and this evening we held a welcome dinner for the club. Later I pulled the traps with Neil.


Yesterday we went to the Casey's (Americans) for a BBQ and today we went and jumped off of Taita Rock after which we had tea (dinner) at the meeting hall in Wellington.