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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Discovery Centre

On Sunday, January 19th I went out on the Pride (Southern Discoveries) for a cruise and to try their buffet. At one point a lady took a wrong step and fell down some stairs so I ended up helping out with that a bit. Of course, we had to go straight back but I was able to go back out on another boat to see the Discovery Centre - a place I'd been meaning to visit since arriving in Milford.

The centre had a bunch of information on the ecosystem in Milford such as how the freshwater layer actually prevents sunlight from penetrating below a few meters. This actually enables deep water life to exist in ashallower habitat and therefore the Discovery Centre offers a unique opportunity to view such species as Black Coral (actually white) via a glass underwater chamber which essentially acts as a reverse fish tank.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Going Wild

On Wednesday, January 8th I was returning from a camping trip and my sump/oil plug fell out. All my oil drained from my bike and I ended up at Knobs Flat. Fortunately, one of our Real Journeys buses showed up and I was able to catch a ride back into town where one of our engineers sorted me out with a new plug. My boss was there and he gave me a ride back to Knobs Flat where, after struggling with my inadequate tools for a bit, we managed to get it sorted out. Unfortunately, my bike had incurred some internal damage from the oil loss and would only be good for little rides around Milford until I sold it - my "big end" was done.

Over the next week the consistent gatherings in Milford continued. We had a barbecue in the garage, at Shaun's, a home brew fest at the kayakers' (Paddle On Inn), and a couple birthdays - one glow stick "rave" and one bonfire on the foreshore.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Years in Milford

On Thursday, December 28th a Penguin wandered onto the wharf and on the 29th Will showed us how to butcher deer.

That night Adrian threw a "Hiphop2NuYear" party where everyone had to dress hiphop.

The next day I woke up late and found a note from JP. I had shown him how to set a possum trap and it had been successful.

Finally, on the 31st we all went fishing on the Haven for New Years before heading to the pub for the countdown. At one point a bunch of staff were "accidentally" locked out front as we went under Sterling Falls.