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Saturday, August 8, 2009


Today my friend Mandy and I boarded the plane to Athens and ran into our classmate Derric. After we landed in Athens Derric got on a plane to Samos while Mandy and I took a bus to the docks to catch a ferry.

After arriving we walked into a place for food at which point I stopped in my tracks realizing that I only had the one bag... my bag with all my clothing was still on the bus. We walked out and started going down the road. Now you would think that one would get a bit upset in this situation but for some reason I knew it would fine. Sure enough, as a result of dumb luck, the bus driver showed up on his scooter. He led me around the corner to the bus depot and I got my bag back. After searching a bit we found the docks and sat down at a restaurant to eat. There we waited, had a couple drinks and played cards with a guy from Amsterdam until 8 hours later when our ferry finally arrived.

We boarded our boat and a while later we sailed off into the sunset for what would be a long, cold night...