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Monday, June 18, 2012

Back to Geelong


Yesterday I arranged to go visit Robbie again and today I caught a bus to meet his mate, Gino. Gino is from Croatia and has been driving for as long as Robbie, about 26 years. After two hours we stopped at a truck stop where we met up with another truckie named Leslie, a huge 66 year old bloke who looks like he could take down a bear with his bare hands. Six hours later we arrived in Geelong and Robbie picked me up from near the truck depot.


Today I bought some drinks for Robbies place and we went to the Westfield mall for Cheeky Chicken and later on we went for some tea and a few drinks with Paul, a bloke named John, and eventually we even ran into James again.


Today I had some meat pies and grilled cheese with Robbie before launchin it for Becks.

Beck made some curly fries and gave me a couple bottles of fancy wine that she got from the dregs of one of the delivery trucks. Next we walked around the mall a bit and stopped at the beach to watch some kite surfers.


Today Robbie and I went to Queenscliff(e) again. The "e" has actually been dropped from the name but many local traditionalists still write it on their establishments with the "e" on the end. We revisited a few places from last time and checked out some new ones. We saw an old steam engine, fishing boats with huge bulbs for attracting squid at night and we stopped in at a couple piers. At Point Lonsdale we watched as a boat entered the channel - piloted by locals experienced enough to avoid the treacherous reefs. We also visited a cave where a famous fugitive lived for thirty years while avoiding the authorities way back in the way back days.

The cave was barred off but the bars were far enough apart that I was able to squeeze in and look around a bit. I also climbed over and through some cool rock formations. On the way back Robbie showed me a community where surfing fanatics live and some nearby farmland where he grew up. At Becks we had fish, chips, Chico Roll, Dim Sims, etc for tea and watched a couple movie. At Robbie's we also caught up with the elusive Cameron for the last evening of my visit.


This morning Robbie picked me up and took me to the pickup point. After a few minutes Gino showed up and we left towards Melbourne. On the way Gino dropped me off at a BP where I slept until he was done with his pickup in Melbourne. I woke up and bought a pepper steak pie and four doughnuts as Gino arrived. We headed off and about six hours later we stopped for tea at the roadhouse from last time where I had, according to Gino, the least healthy combination available - fried fish, chips and a steak kebab. An hour or so later we finally arrived in Adelaide at 10p, Gino dropped me off and I took a bus into the city.

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