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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Going Wild

On Wednesday, January 8th I was returning from a camping trip and my sump/oil plug fell out. All my oil drained from my bike and I ended up at Knobs Flat. Fortunately, one of our Real Journeys buses showed up and I was able to catch a ride back into town where one of our engineers sorted me out with a new plug. My boss was there and he gave me a ride back to Knobs Flat where, after struggling with my inadequate tools for a bit, we managed to get it sorted out. Unfortunately, my bike had incurred some internal damage from the oil loss and would only be good for little rides around Milford until I sold it - my "big end" was done.

Over the next week the consistent gatherings in Milford continued. We had a barbecue in the garage, at Shaun's, a home brew fest at the kayakers' (Paddle On Inn), and a couple birthdays - one glow stick "rave" and one bonfire on the foreshore.

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