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Friday, November 7, 2014

Teaching in Hong Kong

On Monday, the 13th of October I started teaching at Yu Kan Hing Secondary School. I quickly learned that this would be different than the other schools that I had taught at. While many of my students are very friendly and well-mannered, a great many of them are also quite difficult. My S1-S2 students are particularly unruly but I suppose this is to be expected with a young class of around 30 students being lead by a lone foreign instructor.

Over the next couple weeks I ate more strange food (intestines), hiked Victoria Peak, dressed up as the Mexican version of an anime character for Halloween and got my Hong Kong ID card.

On Friday, the 7th of November all teachers and students went to the nearby field for sports day. Students did a variety of sports activities, such as running and high jump - both of which I also participated in.

After the day finished I went and finally got a bank account - something that is really quite difficult to do in Hong Kong, especially if you're an American. I needed my Hong Kong ID card, a letter from my employer stating my address since I didn't have a utility bill, a tax ID form for reporting my income to the US, my passport and my surgically removed organs for collateral...

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