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Monday, October 31, 2016

Salt Lake City

On Wednesday, October 26th, after I finished work we went to Josh's so we could all make the early morning departure together. When we got there we found out that Josh had bought the Vive virtual reality gear from the meetup the other day so we spent the evening fighting zombies and trying not to punch holes in the walls...

We spent the next day on the road driving for something like 13 hours to get to Salt Lake City, Utah. That evening, and the whole next day, we walked around town. We ended up stopping in at Leonardo's Museum of Flight for some oddball exhibits with mirrors, illusions, general weirdness as well as, believe it or not, some actual airplanes!

Finally, game day arrived so we went to the stadium to hassle the local fans about their signs... as you do. After about an hour of standing in crowds with cameras whipping overhead the others went to the game while I took a hike up to "the Living Room" as it's called. Not being antisocial mind you - we just didn't have enough tickets.

Well, maybe I'm weird, but I'll take mind-blowing views from mountain tops over watching a football game any day. After the hike I went back at Ute Stadium where I met a lady at the crosswalk. She was leaving the game so she gave me her ticket stub so that I could go inside with the others. In the end we cheered as the Huskies won the game then we made our way Boise, Idaho for the night.


  1. i like the speaking part which was really funny . it is very difficult to speak.
    also the match in a big stadium

  2. Salt Lake City was a more interesting place that I originally thought.
    It's a nice contrast of a small mountain town with some Corporate Headquarters and an entire city block dedicated to the Church of the Latter Day Saints. I only had a day there over 10 years ago as part of a longer trip to San Francisco, but I really believe Utah is an underrated part of the United States if you really enjoy outdoor adventures. I hope to return here again for a longer visit.

    1. Agreed. Natural beauty that can't be beat! Also, the part about it being sort of a contradiction. Interesting place.