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Sunday, October 24, 2010


Today I woke up at 5p… I spent some time at the computer lab at the Huerta de las Angeles building and later went out to Sacromonte to check out El Camborio. On the way I ran into Thomas who showed me a little bar/cave where they were having live flamenco performances. I really enjoyed the music, the performance in general was pretty vibrant.
Today I woke up late again and relaxed until around 9p then went to Thomas’ party which was actually pretty intense… at one point the police even showed up and kicked everyone out.
Today we finally got internet in our apartment! I went with Paige to Hipercor and got lost on the way back. I ended up a bit out out in the middle of nowhere, but was able to get directions to the Albycin area and made my way back to my neighborhood, Realejo. Looking back it's actually pretty crazy how far out I walked, would have been a nightmare for someone who doesn't speak Spanish.

Today Paige and I went to Jaen and walked around looking at many sites, including the Jaen Cathedral - a Spanish Renaissance cathedral constructed over 230 years and completed in 1802.
At 6p we returned for the potluck Fee and I were hosting at the piso. We ate burritos, Spanish Tortillas, Gazpacho, etc. Later we went with Fee’s friend Anna to some tapas bars and an ice cream parlor.

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