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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Search for las Cuevas

Paige and I went to look for the caves (las cuevas), but instead found a nice park and some peacocks. We went into the Alhambra Hotel pretending to be guests and got some nice pics of the city from some upper story windows. We plan to make another attempt at the caves tomorrow.
Today Paige and I went to look for the caves again and found ourselves looking at them from across a valley… on top of that we had to walk back in the rain. This time we made crepes, Spanish Tortillas and made plans to finally find the caves tomorrow.


Today we finally found the caves! We took a right where we previously took a left and followed a path with plaques of poetry in Spanish. The path soon turned into a trail which we followed until we stumbled upon the first cave. This cave had something cooking out front but all I could see was the smoke. We didn’t want to go up closer and disturb the cave dwellers who were having a chat out front so we continued along the path and found another, smaller cave. Next we climbed a hill where we found another cave with a mattress in it, it was only big enough for the mattress really, but someone must have just been too desperate to care.

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