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Sunday, November 21, 2010



Today I got up and went to Cordoba where I met up with Lidia and her dad. We went to their home and had a tasty meal of papas fritas (french fries), pollo (chicken), y huevo (egg). After lunch I went to school with Lidia and watched her give a presentation in English for her class. Later we went to the albergue (hostel) and after dinner we all sang some songs.

Today after breakfast we all played basketball and met for bible study.


Today we had breakfast, sang some songs and started saying goodbyes.

We stopped for some sweets on the way to the Cordoba Mosque. It was closed, but fortunately a guard had a door open and allowed me to take some pictures inside.

Next we headed back and I caught a ride to the Estacion de Autobuses with Pedro and his wife. I was almost late so I couldn’t stop to use the bathroom. This proved to be something of a predicament as I was in horrible pain for the 2 1/2 hour bus ride back to Granada.

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