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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sierra Nevadas


Today I went to the Sierra Nevadas in Spain (there’s also a range called the Sierra Nevadas in California). I got up at 8:30a and met up with Paige to take the city bus to the bus station. We almost missed the bus to Sierra Nevada, and then they almost didn't let us on because they were low on space, but in the end we made it. 
When we arrived we made our way through the town using switchbacks and I haggled with a Moroccan dude for some gloves that I didn’t really want but was glad I got. The gloves really were a good idea and considering I was able to talk him down from 20 euro to about 3.50 in random change, such a bargain! Eventually we hit snow and soon after climbing a huge hillside we ran into a blizzard. At this point I made a scarf out of an extra t-shirt I had in order to protect my face. Soon we arrived at a hotel/bar called El Albergue and took some time to warm up (Paige was pretty much getting frostbite in her feet from hiking in a pair of converse…) then we headed for the top. 

As we rose the clouds poured out of the valley below us revealing the town and mountains that had been obscured for the whole time since we had arrived. After we hiked back down we took the bus back to Granada where Andrew had everybody over for beer pong.

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