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Sunday, August 9, 2015

The Investment

On Sunday, the 26th of July, I went to my dad's and we had a look at the property that I bought while I was in Hong Kong. Well, I've never been so happy to see a bunch of dirt! For the amount I paid I never would have expected such a prime piece of real estate. Of course, my dad (Norman Clark from Reid Real Estate) saw to it that I got just that. My flat, quarter-acre corner lot came with two entrances (with culverts), a lake view through the trees and is tucked away in a nice, quiet neighborhood. Not a bad spot!

The next day my dad and I bought all the electrical stuff for putting my meter in and began the improvements. Aside from his years of experience in real estate, my dad also has all the practical knowledge necessary for developing a piece of property (electrical, plumbing, etc.). I mean, he built his own house so I figure he's got it pretty well sussed out.

Later on, my brother Sam came and we went to go buy an SUV. My dad and brother both have talent when it comes to fixing pretty much anything and this was just another opportunity for my brother to cash in on that.

Over the next few days we worked on the property and got the meter installed for the electricity. Then on Friday, the 31st of July, we had a nice swim in my dad's lake and I headed over to visit my sister, Jennifer. 

Over the next week I sorted out paperwork for going back to work at my security job, did a motorcycle course (turns out my New Zealand license and year of riding experience don't count for anything in America...), went to the free clinic to get my medical checkup for Spain, and did some building work with my dad and some friends.