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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Cuenca & Beyond!

On Friday, the 6th of November, I went to Cuenca with my colleague Cristina and her daughter, Claudia. We went to the cliffs and saw the Casas Colgadas (Hanging Houses) in the casco antiguo or "old town". Walking through the old town we saw many cool old buildings which were well preserved mainly due to the fact that the town was always well defended by its surrounding walls and challenging cliff faces.

The next day I went to Las Mesas and hopped on a bus to join my students for a weekend excursion. We saw the historic pueblo of Huerta del Marquesado, where they have a working watermill, followed by the walled pueblo of Cañete. There we had a big soccer match before making our way to a small pueblo called Henarejos for some magdalenas with chocolate.

That night we stayed in a nearby hostel called Maria Hosteleria. The next morning we had a breakfast which consisted of chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate! Not a place for people like my dad... he hates chocolate. That day we went to see the nearby cave paintings.

We went to a couple different sites and visited a cool country house before heading back to Las Mesas. A few days later my principal, Isidro, came to tell me he was very happy about the excursion and that they would be free for me for the rest of the year!

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