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Saturday, October 17, 2015


On Tuesday, the 13th of October, I went back to Ellensburg for a final visit with my brother, Sam. We had a good time hanging out and enjoyed some pretty nice local Mexican food at Fiesta Mexican Restaurant. We also went up into the mountains and did some off-roading with his Jeep which, as you can see in the video below, was a bit more of a challenge than your everyday, casual backroad jaunt.

For my last week in the states I did a few things: I learned to cut my own hair (a bit tricky on the back but taking photos with the camera helps); I tried a few restaurants with my mum (5 Guys in downtown Puyallup, Hawaiian BBQ at the Tacoma Mall, and some old favorites - Taco Del Mar and Cold Stone); I bought some secondhand clothing (used stuff fits better, is often higher quality and comes at a fraction of the price); and I finished packing my bags. On Saturday, the 17th of October, I flew to JFK, New York and then, finally, Spain.