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Thursday, November 5, 2015


I've started doing the extra classes after school and it has been very... interesting. I have some very friendly and fun students and other that are simply out of control. Often they hear me speaking this foreign language (English) and they literally just start wandering off. At least now I know that teaching infants is something to avoid in the future. In any case, the extra classes are a good opportunity and it is nice that I didn't have to arrange any of it. The extra income will help provide a little play in my budget so that I can travel around and still be able to pay on debts back home. I also have four day weekends during which I can recover, so I think I'll manage.

On Thursday, the 5th of November, I went to Belmonte with some colleagues and saw the Colegiata de Belmonte (convent), the Palacio Del Infante Don Juan Manuel and the castle of Belmonte. Unfortunately, the castle was closed but thankfully the classy pueblo of Belmonte had more to offer. El palacio (the palace) in particular was actually quite an interesting place with lots of history and some archaeological aspects as well. The convent and the palace both have grand halls and historical relics/artwork but something unique about the palace is that it has a dig site along with the spa and views of the surrounding pueblo. Personally my criteria for accommodation doesn't go much beyond a bed with a roof above it, but then I certainly wouldn't mind staying in the palace for a night or two if given the opportunity. In general, Belmonte is a little pueblo with a lot to offer and I'd say it's definitely worth a visit.


  1. Compared to Hong Kong, the pace of this small town is really really slow. hhaaa XD

    1. Yeah, thats probably my favorite thing about it!