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Thursday, September 2, 2010



This morning we took the tube to the coach station during which time Judy and I both managed to get ourselves stuck in the train doors... After arriving in Canterbury we met up with our guide and headed into the cathedral.

Canterbury Cathedral was rebuilt in 1070 and still holds services three times daily.

The cathedral's reputation is due to unusual circumstances. In a power play against the church, King Henry II appointed his trusted Chancellor, Thomas Becket to the position archbishop. The king imediately tried to use Becket since he himself was not actually authorized in matters having to do with the church. Becket stood with the church against King Henry II and, as the king complained, he "accidentally" ordered his knights to murder Becket. Since then Canterbury Cathedral has been recognized as a pilgrimage site.

After touring all of Canterbury Cathedral we went into the town, ate, and looked around a bit.

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