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Friday, December 17, 2010

La Alhambra


At 2a some friends were having a going away Christmas celebration at Kamel. This was more appealing than the prospect of laying in bed trying to sleep so I went looking for it. This place is impossible to find but nearby where it should have been is Kapital and, thanks to a friends coupon, entrance was free. At about 5:30a the diversion had served its purpose and sleep had been successfully avoided. A half hour up at La Alhambra waiting in the freezing cold to buy a ticket and they finally opened at 8:30a. 

Sala de la Justicia, Los Reyes (Hall of Justice AKA Hall of the Kings)

After 1 1/2 hours of barreling through snapping pictures enough was enough, it was siesta time. Back at the flat some friends came over and everyone waited for Elise... who after 20 minutes had to call because the buzzer box was ripped out and nobody could hear her yelling to be let in. After hanging out for a while everyone left and the packing process began... tomorrow: Germany.

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