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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

St Andrews & Great Smokys

Today Green Tortoise arrived at St Andrews Beach in Florida. After breakfast we went to see some gators, real ones. Playing with fate didn't end with the gators as a hurricane had just passed and the rip tides were stronger than usual. Though, even with planes flying overhead dragging warnings to "stay out of the water," body surfing in those warm Florida waves was just irresistible. 
After a day of riding 10ft waves and almost getting ran over by surfers we watched as the kite surfers came and went and the sun dropped beneath the horizon.

Today we went on another hike, this time in the Great Smoky Mountains. After breakfast a few of us set out hiking to the falls and found the Great Smoky Mountains seemed to be just that, smokey. The humidity is so high that it appears smokey like during a forest fire - and yes, I have actually been in a forest fire before, it's not recommended. Back at the bus we dried off and soon we arrived in Gatlinburg where we swam at the public pool there and  took advantage of much needed showers. After dinner I went to use the public restrooms only to find out that they had no doors. I used them anyways and even though I was told “nobody will look”… everybody looks. Back on the bus “the miracle” was performed and everyone went to sleep.

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