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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Week One


Today I opened an account with Commonwealth Bank and started training at my new job as a door to door salesman for Lumo Energy. Apparently I was one of seven selected out of over a hundred interviewed so I knew I was in for something good. The training was very interesting - we went over our company's history, product and what we would be doing there all while getting regular breaks to go play table tennis (ping pong) with our fellow trainees. After the first day of training I went over to James' for a bevy (drink) and then back to David's for one more night.


Today I recieved my PIN from my mom and was able to go check into a hostel called the Blue Galah - "galah" as in the bird, not the word Aussies use in referring to a fool...


For my first day on the job today I got some dress shoes from Salvos which were a really nice brand but apparently not made for walking... After walking in the rain all day on an empty stomach getting doors slammed in my face I was frankly not in a good mood and my feet bleeding from the shoes I was wearing did not help. In fact, the only highlight from today was the chips (fries) and the show one of the reps put on as she lit matches with her feet.


Today I came prepared with some better shoes, pants, a nice Lord of the Rings hat, new socks and some snacks from Cheap as Chips. Indeed this was a much better day - the weather was beautiful and the people were kinder. I didn't make any sales, but the environment was definitely condusive to learning.


After some table tennis (ping pong) this morning it was time to put my experiences to use. I was sure today would be a good day... and I was right! Made 2.5 sales today - one guy got to the vero (verification) call and decided I had taken up too much of his time. FOUR minutes and we would have been done but he wasn't happy because I had said "just a couple minutes" and unforuntately the whole process takes more like 10-15... to save hundreds of dollars.


This morning I asked about a job at the hostel that my French roommate, Yannick told me about last night over drinks. For 12 hours work a week I will now get free accommodation, food and laundry! I guess that puts me up at three jobs now - sales rep, hostel worker and handyman. After securing my new job I went to James' to finish the job I was doing for him.

When I finished he paid me $50 and I went to do some shopping... except everything is closed after 5p on Saturdays so I checked my email at Maccas (Mcdonalds) and spent the night at the meeting hall where we played table tennis, ate pizza and I slept under a mattress.


After the meeting today I went to James' again where Nathan replaced my bicycle seat so I wouldn't get nutted anymore when I hit bumps.

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