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Monday, March 12, 2012

Work Hard, Play Hard


Today I got a dongle for $80 so I won't have to go to Maccas for wifi anymore. Back at the hostel I made pasta with Roozbeh, Yanik, and William then sorted some things out on the internet and went to the meeting. After a bit of table tennis we went to a pancake house where I got some potatoes in delicous gravy then ate Daniel's leftover pancake.


After the meeting today I went to Big W for some new tyres (tires) then went back for few hours. At 5p we played more table tennis before heading up into the hills for pizza. On the way up we saw smoke over the whole city - possibly from a bush fire. After garlic bread, three pizzas and some lasagna we headed over to Windy Point to watch the sunset over the city.


Today I stained some boards for James and he paid me $100. He also helped me fix the front tyre on the bike that I borrowed and invited me to his party next weekend. On the way back to my hostel I noticed a loud sound and followed it until I arrived at the Future Music Festival.

I was disappointed thinking it was WOMAD (world music festival) but later found out it was just a bunch of kids listening to dub step.

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