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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Settling In Brissy


Today Ben and I got some things and went to the showgrounds to talk to Chipper about the job. Job secured with an assured $100 + 15% commission we headed back to the house.


This morning we realized we were living with a Korean Nazi named Min. I overheard a couple housemates talking about a new password (the internet hasn't been working since day two) so I went to get it from them. Housemates Jenny and Vick were sitting on the couch and talking about the new password, "great Min." Apparently, as well as being a complete male chauvinist, Min does whatever he wants no matter how it effects everyone else. First off, he thinks Jenny, being a woman, shouldn't be allowed live here - the first thing he said to her when she moved in was that she wouldn't be permitted to stay...
Last night Jenny was trying to reset the wireless router so she could continue her job search and Min came out yelling at her to stop.. he neglected to mention that her internet troubles were a direct result of him changing the password. On top of that it seems that Min's goal was to prevent newcomers, Ben and myself, from accessing the internet... what a piece of work.


Today we got a quote to fix the car for $1900 - the best deal by far. I found a guy on gumtree named Ash who does show quality paint jobs from home and he offered to do the job for nearly half the rate of any other smash repair shop.
After Ben and I cooked up some burgers I headed out to the city to meet up with some locals from the Church in Brisbane who I saw the last time I was here.


Over the last few days I've paid $950 for Ash to start the repairs on Ben's car and met some new friends at the meeting hall here in Brisbane.

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