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Saturday, February 2, 2013



Today I showered, packed and rode to Feilding where I spent the day at Maccas then found a place to camp by the Oroua River just outside of town.


Today I weaved a mat and ate my brekky while exploring a trail behind my camp. Then I smoothed out an area and moved my tent further back. After making a bench I bathed in the river and went to Maccas.


Today I worked on the trail behind my camp, went to the library, did more trail blazing and went to sleep. While sleeping I heard a guy in the farm behind my camp yelling, "oi oi yaw yaw yaw!" - probably mustering some stock.


Today I picked up the new rego at Mikes house in Halcombe then went to Maccas in Feilding. Back at camp I did my washing and bathed in the river again.


Today I went to Maccas with a passenger in my helmet... a big, hairy huntsman. After returning to camp I packed up and went to Palmy for my mail then stopped at the Manawatu River for a swim with some gypsies before heading to Otaki. There I camped with some new friends, Aaron and Brendan, at a place called Monakau North. Aaron and Brendan are keen bushmen and offered to teach me about possuming (trapping possums). I also ran into Paul and Matt from Reid's Farm back in Taupo.


Today I dove in the river and then set up my fishing gear that Aaron made for me out of a line, hook and sinker wrapped around a stick. Later I moved my camp down by the river and made ramen, mashed potatoes and beans for dinner. While sitting at my campfire I could hear possums in the trees behind me.

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