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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Base Camp One


Today I packed and lost the rego for the bike on the way to the library in Otaki. After getting some food I rode to Aaron's where we ate Kina (Sea Urchin) then some Paua (Shellfish) patties for dinner. Later we went to the beach and hunted for Cockles and Pipis.


Today we had bacon and eggs for brekky, made some Portuguese fried bread and went to base camp one (BC1) in the bush by Kapakapanui in the Tararua Ranges. There we set some traps and set up camp next to the glow worms. That night we took a couple test shots with the air rifle. I didn't realize how powerful it was and had my eye too close to the sight so I ended up getting my head sliced open from the recoil. For dinner we had steak, sausages and ramen.


Today we caught two possums and I replaced the rego on the bike.

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