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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Mobile Home


Today I caught one medium possum and another escaped. Next I went to town for the shops where I got a space blanket to help with the cold and used Skype at the library.


Today I caught one medium possum and one escaped again. In town I went to Salvos and found some great motorcycle boots for $8, perfect fitting like-new jeans for $3, a sleeping bag for $8.50, and thermals for $6.50! I called local dealer Chris about selling the fur and he actually buys tail fur as well so I'll be collecting that from now on. At the library I met a kiwi traveller who has spent years in America and Australia monastery hopping. The ski resort called me back having struggled to contact my references. Back at camp I set three more traps and at 11 pm went out to deal with a rather big possum. As I was checking its eyes to see if it was healthy it suddenly jumped out at me from a meter away and almost ripped my face off! Fortunately the trap yanked it back down...

Today I had no possums when I woke up. I made a trail and moved a trap to it then made improvements on the rest.

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