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Saturday, March 9, 2013



Today I caught another rat and still no possums. After a trip to the library I returned to move some traps and make more improvements. Though, I wasn't about to get my hopes up considering my last couple nights so I made plans to leave the next day.


Today I caught yet another rat and no possums. I forgot to zip lock my soap so that was eaten again by a possum. After packing up I headed over to Eastbourne Domain Recreation Preserve and hiked in with a new Canadian friend but found only stagnant water. On my way out I called Hudson from the church and he invited me to stay over for the night in order to attend the Wellington meeting in the morning.

On the way over I stopped in Petone (Pe-tone-ey) for the special spring water that they have there and then finished riding over to Wellington.


Today I went to the meeting and met a fellow American who is keen to join me doing some possum trapping.


Today I met with the trainees (ones studying in order to be constituted with the Truth) downstairs and we went out to talk to with uni students. Afterward we headed for Neil's house where Neil and I walked barefoot through the bush and down a stream until we arrived at a waterfall. Then we climbed a ridge through Bush Lawyer and finally followed the road back.


Today we all went to Victoria University to invite students into the VU Christian Club. Later on we had tea at Stevens and I went with Neil to set some traps near his place.


We spent yesterday and today at VU (Victoria University) and this evening we held a welcome dinner for the club. Later I pulled the traps with Neil.


Yesterday we went to the Casey's (Americans) for a BBQ and today we went and jumped off of Taita Rock after which we had tea (dinner) at the meeting hall in Wellington.

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