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Friday, March 22, 2013

Back on the Farm


Today I went to Wellington for a pest control meeting but was a day early so I headed to the farm where spent the night in a wet tent during a rain storm next to a river that could overflow and take me with it at any time.


Yesterday I tossed a couple possums that James had shot while I was gone and today I set the traps again then did some washing in a river that occasionally flows sewage... Next I took a cold shower in the high winds that flow through the valley then tried doing some carving but ended up cutting my thumb wide open and using a slice of bread to stop the bleeding.


Today I caught three possums, two small and one juvenile. While I was heading up to the upper traps I saw James coming out and a hunter landed his helicopter in opening between us. We ended up talking to hunters all day and later I sorted out my traps. One I wanted across the river from my camp so I made a bridge of stepping stones and blazed a trail along the river bank. Back at camp I made a chair and table from sticks and stones.


Today I didn't catch any possums, just had two that got away. I went with James to survey his property and while we were there Mike texted me about returning the bike. With this in mind I started thinking through whether to go to Christchurch to labour or back to Cairns to ride bikes but then James suggested we just build a hut on his property for me to stay in. At 20 minutes walk from the CBD and an awesome view - it was a no-brainer. Later I went to the library and applied for security work.

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