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Thursday, November 28, 2013


On Thursday, November 21st I arrived back from Queenstown carpooling with some friends from Jucy and we all had a barbecue in their garage. The next night someone had a crazy hat party, Monday the kayakers had a venison barbecue and on Tuesday Alex from Jucy had a going-away party.

On Thursday the 28th we had one of the first major Milford events - the pentathlon. The Milford Pentathlon consists of running, swimming, kayaking, cycling and eating events. The first person ran from the pub to Deepwater basin and tagged me, I swam from the pier to the kayaks - unaware that the water was shark infested... I tagged a kayak team and they paddled out to the Sinbad moored in Deepwater and back. Finally, the cyclist rode back to the pub and tagged our lucky team mate who drank a pint, ate a couple rotten bananas, followed by a weetbix, then blew up a balloon.

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