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Sunday, October 25, 2015


On Friday, October 23rd, I moved in with a family in Las Mesas where I was offered room and board for 250/month. My boss in the primary school, Yolanda, also organised after school lessons for me so that I could make some extra cash. That evening Yolanda came to pick me up for a trip to Guadalajara. After arriving we went to have dinner at a restaurant with really big bocadillos.

The next day we went on an excursion into Guadalajara and saw lots of cool places, like the Palacio del Infantado and the Pantheon.

For lunch we had some paella & flan and then went to Alcala de Henares for churros con chocolate. On to way to get the churros we passed through a wine festival and, after stopping again for some cheap tapas, we went to the Colegio Mayor de San Ildefonso.

After that we went back to Yolanda's and the next day we went back to Alcala de Henares for merienda before returning to Las Mesas.


  1. A bbbbiiiggg sandwich!! XD It looks delicious
    By the way, 250 euro/ month which provide room and board is soo good. Better than hk a lot!! lol

    1. Yeah, not a bad deal here either but then they said that I was not allowed to stay on the weekends! So I moved to Belmonte with a friend who gave me a room there.