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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

North Adelaide


Today I went to North Adelaide for a walking tour and met Tim from Brisbane. Our guide, Phillip took us to see a view of the city.

On the way back we saw a couple fancy brick homes that the bishop and archbishop of the local Catholic schools live in.

The bishop's house was big but the archbishop's house was more of a mansion. Back at the library we saw a circus act and had some "morning tea" - fruit, biscuits (cookies) and "fairy bread" (white bread with butter and sprinkles on it - not a bad combination!).
Next, Tim and I went to the Art Gallery of South Australia. On the way I checked out a place offering security licenses for $600 which is not bad considering that this would allow me to get jobs paying $30+/hour. At the gallery we saw many interesting paintings, sculptures, video media, etc. One that stood out was by John William Lewin called "Fish catch and Dawes Point, Sydney Harbour.

It's the oldest oil painting known to have been painted in Australia (1800). Also, as a natural history painting and decorative still-life as well as a proud fisherman's momento, it's an interesting example of popular British culture at the time.

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