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Friday, February 17, 2012

Slip! Slop! Slap!


Today I went with Danielle to meet up with her son Tane for a $5 Schnitzel. After a good meal Danielle and I went to the Grace Emily Hotel for a drink where the bartender told me that a place called Casablabla was probably hiring. On the way back we found a backpack on the sidewalk with a smashed up iphone, cigarettes, toilet paper and some clothing. I tried calling the contacts on the phone with Skype (phone didn't have any credit on it) and got a bunch of very confused aboriginals with no idea what I was saying. After searching the bag again I found a peice of paper with an appointment to see an Aboriginal Sobriety Group leader... steriotypes aside, this is a lead that might help in finding the guy.


During the last couple days I've applied at Casablabla, Coles and a bunch of places online. It's funny, I told myself I'd never do retail again, but for $22/hour may just have to make an exception.

The sun in Australia is really intense, all the time, and thanks to the hole in the Ozone (which allows extra UV rays through the atmosphere) it is also really dangerous. So, it's no wonder that Aussies go out of their way to have, not only the best sunblock, but lots of it!

Today was a busy day so I made sure to "Slip, Slop, Slap."

I dropped off the backpack (that Danielle and I found a few days earlier) at the police station and tried to get some stuff at Salvos (Salvation Army) but, as usual, I missed the small window in which they operate... Next, I went to a hostel for jobs and pamphlets (for inspiration on things to do) and on the way to the next hostel I saw Coopers Ale House. David had suggested I try their Vintage Coopers so I went in and got one for $7.50.. during happy hour. It was a good beer though and as I was drinking it I got my money's worth. First, the bar brought out a huge platter of free food and since they were so slow I got a good go at it.
Then, I met an Aussie who markets Vale Ale and had some suggestions for me on places to see in the city. At that point another Aussie named Paul sat down next to me and, after discussing a few of his insights on the local venues, we started talking about his business. Paul sells solar panels and also has a plan for a local venture, one that a backpacker like me fits right into. After buying me a couple of drinks, Paul showed me his business and we went down to the Fringe festival (Garden of Unearthly Delights) to discuss some ideas. During our visit he bought me a corn and a fantastic chocolate/strawberry waffle covered in ice cream as an incentive to possibly work with him.

Paul continued to show me around Adelaide a bit and then went home as I continued to the next few hostels. During my search I met a couple of Aussies who had just returned from Border Town (a town named, as many things in Australia, after its location - on the border between SA and Victoria). We talked a bit and I headed to a couple more hostels. At the YHA Adelaide I saw them again as I was heading out.

On the way back I was repeatedly harrassed by the same car whos inhabitants assuredly had tourettes... For a city with such perfect bicycling conditions (flat) and, therefore, a fair number of cyclists - Adelaide sure hates people on bikes! Oh well, at least I don't have to pay $1.50/liter ($6/gallon) for petrol (gas).

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