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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Odd Jobs


Today I followed up on a few jobs and seared up some smoked salmon.


Today I went to interview at a place called "Tuition Fruition" for a tutoring job. Vijay, the owner, was very keen to get me on a couple computer projects with him and a client as well as possibly tutoring some kids after I get a blue card. Vijay is a kiwi from New Zealand and he suggested getting work at the universities when I get there. Apparently they have a lot less "red tape" on the hiring process there as opposed to Australia where serious certification is required for any and all work. After the interview I headed up to the Sunnybank Shoppingtown and had a release of interest notarized by a JP (Justice of the Peace) for free then sent it off to America for Brian to transfer my car into his name.


Today I met my driving student in Browns Plains and made another $50.


The last few days I relaxed, went slack lining again and went to the church meeting. Today I did some graphic design for Vijay and he paid me $25 for a couple hours of what I consider playing on the computer. At work I finally got my money from a guy named Money - Jeff accidentally gave my money to Money so I had to get my money from Money today.


Today we got a new housemate from Hong Kong named Anita - she is also a backpacker.

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