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Saturday, October 6, 2012



Today I applied for a bunch of jobs and later I rode down to the bike shop in Browns Plains and used their tools to replace a tire and adjust the brakes. I ended up making friends with the guys there, and I didn't have to be at work down the street for another hour, so we had a couple drinks. We talked about the Northern Territory's killer crocs and political sovereignty - a similar governmental disposition to ACT (Australian Capitol Territory). Apparently the highways in the NT just recently set up speed limits at 130 km. While we were talking I gave them my resume and one of the guys helped tweak my bike a bit so it would operate more smoothly.


Today I went up the road to apply for a few promising local jobs then drove over to Karawatha Forest for a hike up to the quarry with Jenny and Liam. After Liam and I jumped in a couple times and had a nice swim we all headed back.


Today I went up to the city to catch a ride with a group to Sunshine Coast but the car we were supposed to use broke down so I started on other plans. After having some Sushi for lunch I went to the artificial beach on South Bank and had a swim while waiting for my friend Jack from Western Australia to join in. We hung out a bit then he dropped me off at the City Botanic Gardens where I did some slacklining with some couchsurfers. One guy could do back flips on the line; it was a risky maneuver so early in the day but he gave it a go for the camera.

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