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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Hot Enough?

The weather here is nothing like what you would expect in the Springtime but I guess that's what makes it a sub-tropical climate. Today I decided to make a special trip to the Karawatha Forest for a dip in the quarry. After I arrived I jumped in and swam straight across to the other side where I met a bunch of Aussies who were jumping off the cliffs. We jumped off a few times then I raced one of them back to the other side. This guy, Cameron from Cairns, told me that people they actually swim in the ocean in Cairns even with the credible risk of being eaten by a croc. I've had this image of the ocean up there just teeming with crocs and the idea of large groups of people wading out into the death waters is a bit of a surprise.

After the swim I said goodbye to the Aussie blokes and decided to explore another section of the forest that I hadn't yet seen. I figured it would be more of the same as the rest of the forest but I was wrong. I went down on path called Wallaby Track where, go figure, I saw a Wallaby. Then I found a massive water reservoir with some cheeky signs about snakes and not climbing the reservoir.

Next I found another rock outcrop overlooking the other side of the forest and cycled down to the main entrance to the forest.

There I finally discovered a legitimate map of the hiking paths, cycling paths and the rest of the forest as well as signs discussing the various flora and fauna.

At work I picked up an extra job during my night shift for an extra $50/week.

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