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Monday, October 1, 2012

River Fire


Today I woke up late - still sore from falling off my bike. Back at the house I looked for a car but ultimately ended up making a deal with Jenny for a ride to my upcoming interview in Beaudesert - an hour away. Ben and I went for pizza and then caught a ride with Vick and Vicky up to South Bank for River Fire - a loud and entertaining fireworks display.

Later, after work, one of the night fill managers was letting me out and complaining about how late they would have to work to finish - which prompted me to ask if they needed any more people. She told me this is absolutely the case and to talk to her boss so tomorrow I will bring my resume for her to pass on for me.


Today I was supposed to go on a trip to sunshine coast but it was moved to Saturday because of the weather. Instead I expanded the garden and planted Beans, Corn, Carrots and Rockmelon (Cantelope).

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