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Saturday, April 20, 2013


On April 16th I got a call about some temp work in Wellington but it was too late because I would be heading up North for the next few weeks. I worked for Raj all day and finished the night by delivering a key to one of Raj's customers in Karori.

The next day I drove to Hamilton with James and his family where we had dinner at his parents' house. James is relocating back to Hamilton because it's easier to just move back into the house he owns there rather than continuing living on the farm in Welly.

The next couple days I tried using my traps to help out with the local possum infestation and, while working with James' dad one day, I got stung by a bee.

On the 20th we went to a Stihl chainsaw event where a profession axe-man demonstrated the different events in a chainsaw competition.

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