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Friday, April 12, 2013

Cabin Life

A couple weeks ago I finally moved into the hut and started eating at the local Pizza Hut. At $4.50 a pizza it will be hard to resist making it a habit. On April 3rd I went to the Macdonald's for dinner and hike up the stream with Neil and Aaron. We discovered an ancient looking tree house and I saw my first stick bug.

On April 5th I got a job at the garage around the corner and sold some scrap metal for $16. Later I went around the corner to Sean's house for dinner. The next day I sold my fur for $85 and went to a dinner for Mike's going away to London. Over the next few days I relaxed at and worked on the cabin while living off the land a bit by eating some of the eggs left behind by the neighbor's hens.

On the 12th Raj from the garage finally called me in to do some work and paid me $80 for a day of cutting up tyres and cleaning up. That night I had dinner at Rob's house.

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