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Monday, October 21, 2013

Doubtful Sound

On Sunday, October 20th I went to Doubtful Sound for my first famil - a staff perk where we get to do tourist activities, normally hundreds of dollars, for free in order to become more "familiar" with our products. I went to Doubtful for a day cruise but, since I showed up late, they put me on the overnight, a massive upgrade. I went from a $50 day cruise to probably a $600-700 overnight cruise which ended up being way better than I could have ever hoped.

After cruising over Lake Manapouri we took a bus over Wilmot Pass and then boarded the Navigator for the night. That evening we went kayaking and I was one of two volunteers to jump off into the fiord, three times - not a warm experience but totally worth it. For dinner we had every meat including some of best Salmon and Cheesecake for dessert.

The next day we returned and I rode back to Milford in the middle of a massive storm. At first just a harmless drizzle the sound of thunder beckoned a relentless downpour that completely drenched me to the bone. If this wasn't enough, the harsh gales forced me to turn hard into the wind to keep from flying off the road. Even stopped at the tunnel, waiting for the light, I found myself almost being knocked over by the angry gusts. Upon my arrival in the village a few bystanders gawked as I stood up and water poured off and out of my sleeves and off of every surface of my being.

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