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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Stewart Island

On Tuesday, October 1st I headed to Bluff to catch the ferry to Stewart Island. It costs extra to take a bike on board, and safe vehicle storage in Bluff isn't free, so I asked a local garage owner to let me leave my bike with him for a few days. When I arrived on Stewart Island a friend I met on the ferry gave me a ride to Marc's place. I met Marc through where I've met a few local friends and hosts over the years. Since I needed a few days to see what I wanted on Stewart Island, and camping (my preferred budget-friendly form of accommodation) wasn't allowed, I sent Marc a request on couchsurfing. That night Marc, his roomy Matt and I made a hearty meal and talked about our respective journeys that had brought us all to this place. Matt (American) was a kayak guide helping to launch a new kayaking venture on the island and Marc (Swiss) was working locally diving for oysters. I explained that I was traveling New Zealand on my motorcycle and would be continuing up the West Coast after having a look around Stewart Island.

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