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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Milford First Days

On Tuesday, October 8th I bathed in Lake Gunn. Of course, this is a glacial lake so the water was fricken absolute zero - quite refreshing actually. After going back into Milford and finding out that I had been accepted for the position of storeman, I returned to Lake Gunn to tell my new friend Sam (American) the good news. I also told him to give it a go since they still needed another storeman.

Over the next few days I had my drug test and moved into the Real Journeys village. I also began using the free gym facilities to burn off the incredibly greasy, delicious daily buffet and unlimited food supply available in our village food store "Tardis."

October 13th I saw my first heli medevac - a necessity when the nearest town by road is two hours drive.

The next day it was extremely rainy and windy. That afternoon I helped some fishermen dock their boat and they gave me a massive crate of fresh Gourney.

October 15th the roads closed and I began to realize that Milford is a pretty wet place - 2nd wettest in the world as it turns out, wetter even than the Amazon Rain Forest...

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