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Monday, October 28, 2013

October Fest

On Wednesday, October 23rd we began cultural awareness training at Real Journeys. Over a couple of days we went over cultural stereotypes and realities such as why people from a particular culture act the way they do, high context vs low context cultures, etc. Some of us also attended MERT (Milford Emergency Response Team) training where we learned about the opportunity to volunteer for the local fire department.
On the 24th we enjoyed the first of many barbecues with venison as the main dish at Shaun's. That night everyone went to the pub for the October Fest event that they do year after year.

Over the next few days we all enjoyed many communal evenings such as Fajita night and gatherings at Jucy house. On the 28th we all went to Shaun's again for fresh seafood and some of his home brew beer.

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