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Friday, July 25, 2014

Chrch Mountain Biking

On Thursday, July 10th I returned to Christchurch and found that Arthur was on holiday. So we decided to go mountain biking at Bottle Lake.
The next day we went riding down the Waimakariri River and into Kaiapoi.

On the 12th Arthur took me to Glentui/Mt Richardson for the Waterfall Walk.

Finally, the next day we went up to Sign of the Kiwi for some more technical tracks.

Two days later I found some different accommodation with some members of the ski club: Jenny, Daniel, Otis and Baxter. I spent three days there then another three days at club member Ana's and another five days at Henry's.

On July 25th, after over two weeks of staying with friends and clubbies I finally got my bike off the mountain.

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