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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Back to the Cheese

On Friday, June 20th I moved on from Dunners to Christchurch - about a seven hour ride! After essentially spending the whole day in a wind tunnel I finally arrived at the Marshs for the night. The next day I had a perfect ride up to the mountain... well, aside from the death winds tossin' me about all over the road!

The next day we got started with training and over the next couple weeks we didn't do much else... without snow we were bored senseless. I managed to sign up for a TESL course but, with the long registration period, I was still in the same boat as everyone else - useless.

Finally, on Wednesday the 2nd of July we caught a break. Just for the day we were given a ride up to the top of Cockayne on back of the Caterpillar for one perfect run of preseason skiing.

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