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Friday, December 14, 2012

Arriving in Cairns!

Cairns Trip
Day #5
Today I saw a giant moth in the toilet before we headed over to the Babinda Bounders. Next we backtracked a bit to Josephine Falls which were pretty awesome. I slid down a natural water slide and jumped off a cliff into the waterfall pool (lost my goggles). 
After Josephine we headed to a car wash then over to our hostel in Cairns. At the hostel we dropped off our stuff then went to turn in the van. On the way we fueled up for the last time - final petrol costs were: $63, $78, $69, $81, $29 for a total of $320 split three ways ($105 each)... not bad for over 2000km! No problems with the van we took the bus back to the hostel and settled in. I immediately met new friends and booked a trip to the reef tomorrow then went out for free tea at a place called the Woolshed.

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