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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Saunders Beach

Cairns Trip
Day #3

Today we drove for the day, stopping here and there, and arrived in a place called Saunders Beach. As with many random travel detours, it ended up being a real gem. This small community has a wonderful beach with toilets, shower, BBQ, free camping, coconuts laying on the beach, free mangoes hanging off the trees, bonfire on the beach, etc. I found out about all of this from a local named Warren. Warren took me around in his truck showing me all of these things during which his 11 year old pit bull notably slid off the back going around a corner... he showed me the boat launch into the creek leading out to the ocean, a creek that a 6 meter croc calls home. He also showed me the local grog shop around the corner where they serve food (note: this is a neighborhood). He also commented that a lot of local French/German visitors hang out on the nude beach up the way.

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