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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Coming to Fruition


Today I went to a BBQ for some CSers that were leaving. I brought potato bread that I made yesterday and oatmeal biscuits (cookies) which were a hit.

I ended up having a few drinks and speaking some Spanish. After eating and hanging out a bit I unfortunately had to leave early to go to work. After work I found out the store now opens at 3a.


This morning I woke up a couple of times startled by hallucinations. Due to my sleep deprivation I am now seeing things. I saw several spiders that weren't actually there including one bird sized one hovering over my face... I only managed about an hour of sleep then had to get up at 2a. I dragged myself through the morning during which I saw a shifting shadow - probably another hallucination.
Back home I slept for a couple hours then organized a trip to the forest with Couchsurfing friends Giacomo, Anne-Sophie and Mike. It turns out I actually met the other two before during the park crawl. After we all had some pasta I had a little run in with Jenny. She decided to call me a liar in front of my friends because I said the pasta in the bin wasn't mine. We all knew that it wasn't mine but I wasn't about to argue about it with company over.  Her timing could have been better but at least now I know where I stand - all the angry whinging over the last weeks has been because she thinks I'm lying to and stealing from her... After Jenny stormed off we all launched it for the quarry where we met a lot of really interesting people including a 20 year old entrepreneur with four interconnected companies. We got some video of us jumping off the cliffs and even did a sequential jump where I almost got skewered on an underwater tree. What happened was Anne-sophie was supposed to jump left (because I assumed she would hesitate and, therefore, would be better off going first), Mike in the middle and me to the right. Instead Anne-sophie jumped right, Mike jumped far right and I, not wanting to be a hypocrite by hesitating but also not wanting to jump on my friends, jumped so that I was to the far right, out of the safe area. As I fell I didn't have much time to think and, when I saw rocks and the tree just below me, I leaned so that I landed with just my toe nicked by the tree. Of course, the saying, "look before you jump" comes to mind here.


Today Jenny went off on me again about stuff in the bin.. started calling me a liar again. I told her the facts - I haven't lied to her once since I moved in here. She flipped out like that was some kind of blasphemy and I simply pointed out that she was being rude. I've never really confronted her like that but it was about time. She tried to pick a fight about it but I just told her I wasn't going to argue so she stormed off calling me a lazy &*$% and saying that this is why I'm getting complaints at work. Of course, none of this makes any sense coming from someone who lives on the dole and makes excuses to avoid undesirable jobs. My job isn't real flash but at least I make an effort...


Today Jenny had another go at me while I was talking to Anita... I don't know how much longer fuse is on this powder keg but I figure it's best to just lay low. Later I made my potato bread again then went to work where I had to do the Sunday clean in the back bay - took up till the last possible minute and I almost had to leave it unfinished. By the time I got out at 9p the rain had already started to dry from an earlier shower which was nice. Unfortunately I had another run in with some brain damaged Australians... these little punks pulled up behind me at a light and started yelling at me to get off the road. I gave them the usual confused glare and they opened their car door to yell at me. I told them the facts - you have to share the road with cyclists, its the law. The kid yelled at me about my push bike not being registered to which I simply replied, "what is wrong with you?"

They inched toward me as the light changed and I continued on my way... ignorant children should not be allowed behind the wheel.


My boss was pretty happy about my work today so it looks like I won't be having any problems, hopefully. With only a couple weeks left I've been eating everything in my cupboard in an attempt to use what I have and live as thrifty as possible for the upcoming period of unemployment.


Over the last five days I've made Shortbread, Honey Oatmeal Bread and more Potato Bread. I also found that some nights I can just work through till 5a and not have to ride back, which is nice. Today I went to the shops, post office and then the bike shop to replace my front tyre tube this time. Back at the house I gave landlord Jenny two weeks notice and slept. On the way back to work my front tyre went flat again so I had to replace the tube for the second time in one day. Turns out the tyre had some sharp objects in it - probably should have checked that before putting in the new tube. Fortunately the attendant took pity on me and gave me the new tube for free since they're only $8.


Today I got off work at 7:20a due to all my extra preparation after finishing the night shift last night. I received my $1400 pay today and it just so happens that I have two weeks left so I called Jeff to tell him and he found two guys for me to train.


Today my bike finally fell apart so I had to ride the little one.

At work I trained three Indian guys to do my job - Navi, Sukh, and Hamet. Afterward I hid the bike and they gave me a ride home. After a bit I met up with some friends from CS, including Mike from last time, and we all went to the quarry for a swim and a hike. While we were there Mike and I spoke about politics and Maori culture in NZ. Back at the house again I took my second nap of the day then Sukh picked me up for work. At work I trained the guys in the bakery, deli and tea room. While we were cleaning the bakery the guys were referring to Hamet, the eldest, as the "perfect cleaner" so I said, "hey 'perfect cleaner,' come over here for a sec."

As he approached I threw a bucket of water on an area that slopes into the store (as is necessary) and we all laughed as he frantically tried to help me pull the water back into the bakery. In the deli I was trying to tell Sukh, a guy who likes to look away while I'm explaining things, about the hose leak. When I got his attention he started holding the leak up to his face... so I decided the easiest way to explain would be to show him. I blasted the water and we both had a good laugh. Finally, after finishing work, we grabbed my bike and the guys dropped me off at home again.


Today I caught a ride to work with the guys at 5a - which is late considering I usually go in at 3a. The store staff had a bit of a problem with this but I assured them it was a one-time thing. The only reason we came in late was because the four of us easily finish in half the time and we really had planned on coming in on time at 4a. After work I introduced them to the store manager and, since Hamed had to go to another job, the rest of us took the bus back.

I realized today that Jeff was actually replacing me a week earlier than we had agreed on and this would reduce my budget considerably... but it just so happens that the guys decided the job didn't pay enough to split three ways anyways. They called and asked Jeff for more money and now my job is secured for another week.


Today the tyre on the little bike went flat on the way back from work... fortunately I was almost home but this complicates things... I now have to walk to work or find a new bike.

Later in the evening I found that Giac has plans to do a rental relocation, something I was really keen on doing. So, come December 10th, Robert and I will be leaving with Giac on a 4.5 day road trip to Cairns!


Today Vicky gave me a ride to work - I will only have to walk to work tomorrow and Saturday... or maybe I could stay there at night and just hang out at McDonalds. Back home I made Portuguese Fried Bread and did more planning with Giac.


Today I had an inspection... I worked really hard and got some key areas looking perfect. Jeff was really happy and only had a couple things to point out in the toilets which, considering that I only get $50/week for cleaning the whole staff area, aren't really a major concern anyways... or so I thought. The toilets were apparently such a concern that they cancelled our contract. At home I got a distressed call from Jeff which left me wondering what would happen next. A cancelled contract is a big deal and could even result in me not getting paid. Well, I explained my extensive efforts (coming in early, consistently fixing any problems brought to my attention, etc.) and Jeff conferred with his superior, Helen. Later he called me back to say that the contract is no longer cancelled and that I will be training a replacement tonight and in the morning - plus, I get to finish as early as tomorrow!.. of course, the guys that showed up had other jobs and, upon hearing the prospective agreement, didn't even stay long enough to suss out the details. So, back to square one...


Yesterday I bought Ben some globes (indicator lights) for his car and Robert from England showed up. Today I went to the meeting hall with Anita for the church meeting then came back, slept, did Ben's cleaning (in exchange for pizza he bought me the other night), and went to work where I trained a Korean guy who calls himself Mr. Won or, for me, Jay. He used to work as a cleaner at a pub, has no other job right now, and was pretty capable which makes me happy - he may actually succeed and set me free!

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