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Monday, December 10, 2012

Open Road

Cairns Trip
Day #1

Today Giac and I headed to pick up the camper where we found out that we would pay an extra $50 or so for insurances against windscreen damage and such. We paid to protect the vehicle because they practically guaranteed that the construction on the way up would lose us our $1000 deposit... so we paid to lower the prospective damage cost to $250. We also paid to insure the windscreen because passing trucks will almost certainly damage it. Back at the house we picked up Robert and all our stuff then launched it for Cairns... first stop, Whitsundays! Out on the road we stopped to try and retrieve my Go Card money but they wouldn't do the refund because my account was active with "autotopup" so now I have to send in for it. After Giac drove a ways I began driving for the next 400km or so. Eventually my GPS brought us down some crazy back roads that were unsealed (against our rental agreement) but we eventually made it back out to normal roads and I continued driving till about 10 pm. After that Giac took over for a while and later I took over again for another 300km or so. At about 4 am I finally slept for the next couple hours while Giac took us the rest of the way.

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