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Saturday, January 12, 2013



Today I talked to the people at AA about getting my license. I just need to take a motorcycle course then I have to get an address to use to get a bank account and with all of that I can finally take the test and get my learners license. After running to the store for a new camping stove I grabbed my stuff and headed to the main road to hitchhike to Woodville. After waiting a while I wandered a bit down to the Caltex where I talked a dude and his girlfriend into taking me to Woodville. We passed through a gorge and soon I was setting up camp at the $5 campground.

Later I went to the shops and met a guy named Carl. He wanted to hang out later but then I met a local named Fiona who took me in at her place. I was just planning to borrow some cardboard for a hitching sign but ended up with full accommodation including bed, internet, shower and even laundry.


Today Fiona gave me a ride to Palmy so I could set up my bank account then we stopped at the wind mill lookout on the way back.

Back at the house I used the internet a bit and we had a BBQ.


Yesterday was easy and in the evening we had another BBQ. Today I took my motorcycle handling course and passed... just barely. It took me a bit to learn some of the finer details such as keeping my arms straight and not pulling the clutch while braking. After the course we headed back and visited another one of Fiona's neighbors, Ashley. While we were visiting Ashley invited me to go to the shearing sheds tomorrow and see how it's all done. Later at night I heard a strangely familiar siren go off, same as the lahar drills back home in Puyallup... but it soon deactivated so I figured it was just a false alarm or something.

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