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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Back for the Future


Today I sorted out my stuff, checked out of the hostel and spent the day at the bike shed. Halfway through a movie I realized I needed to get moving so I called a taxi and rushed to the airport. Upon landing back in Melbourne the pilot slammed on the brakes in a very jarring fashion and commented over the intercom, "...good brakes."

I barely caught the skybus as it was leaving then, after arriving at Southern Cross Station, I only just caught the train to Geelong as it was leaving. Also nice is that, as it turns out, its free at night! Unfortunately I still only caught the very end of the fireworks as I arrived in Geelong. Then Robbie came with his girlfriend Julie and they picked me up in the Dingodyne. We went to Julie's place in Leopold and rang in the New Year with some meat pies and a couple drinks.

This morning I had some Vegemite on toast and another meat pie for brekky then Robbie took me on a cruise in his Caddy. We met up with Rod, had a couple drinks and went back for Julie who was just getting off work. Then we all went to Queenscliff(e) and on the way back we grabbed some steaks, marinade and curly fries. After sitting down for tea we watched a few movies and I sent $3933 back to the states ($4020 USD).

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